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Residential Design

The Design Staff at Residential Design Services and Commercial Design Services would like to congratulate you on your purchase of a new home. We are thrilled to partner with your builder and look forward to demonstrating that same commitment to you. We have been selected by your builder to assist you in tailoring your flooring selections to suit your lifestyle and design needs.


Office Design

Solutions for your office interior design. A great office interior design will accurately mirror your core values and strategic objectives and will increase the productivity in your staff. Office Principles has been designing offices and interiors for 7 years, and our commercial designers specialise in creating cutting edge, cost effective design concepts for the office of the future.


Commercial Design

With the outlook for commercial design projects continuing to improve, Residential Design Services and Commercial Design Services has made a substantial investment in our sales and design team. We are well-versed on the latest commercially-rated flooring materials and finishes. The project professionals at Talenti  are committed to addressing the commercial clients’ needs.



  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Final & Revision

This stage is crucial (regardless of what type of project we are working on) and usually starts with a face-to-face meeting between Talenti and clients where their goals, requirements, budget, timelines and framework for the project will be discussed. From all gathered information we can start to formulate ideas and concept.

It is an organic process of idea exploration and development which is done by a group of 3-5 designers in order to work out a variety of ideas. The most sucessful ideas will be selected for further development, then submited to clients for their agreement.

At this point, the chosen concept will be recreated on the computer with the addition of color, text and other graphic detail so that it could convey the right message for clients. Frequent feedback from clients is very important for for the completion of the product.

After the client come to an agreement of the best solution for their product, we will spend time for minor changes if it is necessary and also mock-up what the finished product will look like on their existing website or stationery so that they can see how it work.