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Residential Design

Apartment interior design, housing design and housing interior design is an indispensable trend for the increasing demand of aesthetics of man today, always towards the completion. Interior design has been accompanied by architectural design in each house. Talenti Interior company affirms that it will bring satisfaction to a modern space useful, reasonable aesthetic as well as utility.

Office Design

Office furniture design is the issue that many businesses are most concerned about by a great office design that will accurately reflect core values, increase productivity in the workforce. And bring success to every business, as well as the means to promote the brand and image of the company. We will provide space-optimized solutions and meet the budget requirements for your business.

Commercial Design

With many years of experience in the field of interior design of commercial projects, we provide solutions and fully meet the design and construction services of furniture for the needs and objectives. And business strategies of all customers. Contact us now to get the best support if you are in need of interior design, exterior and interior design of commercial business projects.



This stage is crucial (regardless of what type of project we are working on) and usually starts with a face-to-face meeting between Talenti and clients where their goals, requirements, budget, timelines and framework for the project will be discussed. From all gathered information we can start to formulate ideas and concept.

It is an organic process of idea exploration and development which is done by a group of 3-5 designers in order to work out a variety of ideas. The most sucessful ideas will be selected for further development, then submited to clients for their agreement.

At this point, the chosen concept will be recreated on the computer with the addition of color, text and other graphic detail so that it could convey the right message for clients. Frequent feedback from clients is very important for for the completion of the product.

After the client come to an agreement of the best solution for their product, we will spend time for minor changes if it is necessary and also mock-up what the finished product will look like on their existing website or stationery so that they can see how it work.


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