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Our services

Residential Design

Interior design of apartments, houses or villas are indispensable trends for the increasing aesthetic needs of people nowadays. It shows the luxury, sophistication and high class of the home owner along the perfection. At Talenti- We create interior designs of smart apartments and houses with full amenities which are giving you […]

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Office Design

Each company has its own culture and identity. The important thing in the design is how to embellish those cultural features creatively. It not only helps employees feel comfortable and focused while working, but also makes a good impression on customers and partners when entering the office of the enterprise for the first time. […]

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Showroom – Retail Design

Showroom and shops are where the company promotes its brand image and displays its products to customers. So finding a professional and reputable showroom construction is essential, it will bring you a perfect showroom. When designing the showroom interior, the store needs to pay attention to the space utility to display products […]

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Spa – Hair Salon Design

A professional interior design Spa and Salon not only meets the aesthetic and functional criteria, but also a unique color and personality. With many years of operation and working in the field of spa interior design and construction, Talenti is always satisfy the most demanding customers… To open a spa or salon is not simple. It is a process of research […]

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Coffee – Restaurant Design

A successful coffee shop or restaurant is not only about delicious food, good service staff but interior space also plays an important role in making a difference, making customers love and familiar with them and making them become loyalty customers of the restaurant. Each type of customer will have a different design style of interior […]

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Hotel – Other Design

Design and construction of hotel furniture, or other commercial projects all require creativity combined with technical knowledge, aesthetic thinking to bring a comedy architecture space. The design and construction of hotel furniture is a very important factor to create a brand name and stature in the hotel business […]

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