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Residential Design

Interior design of apartments, houses or villas are indispensable trends for the increasing aesthetic needs of people nowadays. It shows the luxury, sophistication and high class of the home owner along the perfection.

At Talenti- We create interior designs of smart apartments and houses with full amenities which are giving you an ideal living space, a cool and relaxing feeling at the reasonable price. In each design we make the difference by your own style and personality, also better living facilities for families. We always give the suggestion of the most delicate and harmonious combination of colors. This is a very important operating system to bring about the overall space and richest aesthetics.

Talenti Design is proud to be an expert in interior design and construction. We have successfully implemented hundreds of apartment interior design projects, townhouses, villas ect…not only in Hanoi but also in other neighboring provinces; and always get great reviews from customers. With many years of experience in the field of interior design, we confidently respond to all of customers’ requests.

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